Review: Stormr Typhoon Neoprene Fishing Gloves
By: Josh Fuld | December 6, 2013 at 11:39 am

Stormr Typhoon Neoprene Fishing Gloves were introduced last year and anglers have fallen in love with them. These fishing gloves do exactly what they are supposed to do. They keep your hands warm and dry when the weather gets cold. Stormr’s neoprene technology is second to none and that makes these gloves extremely comfortable.

Typhoon gloves are constructed of 3mm thick neoprene that has a lot of stretch to it. They are lined with micro fleece that wicks away moisture. These fishing gloves have an anatomical fit for comfort and a really nice tactile pattern on the front for grip.

Stormr Typhoon Neoprene Fishing Gloves sell for $29.95 and are available in sizes M-XXL. Get yours at or come into the store and try on a pair. It is best to go up one size.

Stormr Typhoon Neoprene Glove

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