Shimano Terez Standup Rods Are Awesome!
By: Josh Fuld | July 19, 2013 at 12:14 pm

Shimano Terez Standup Rods

Shimano has finally created a standup rod to go with their Talica Reels and it is great! It is high tech, has great components and is made to be lightweight. The question is, will the new Shimano Terez Standup Rods revolutionize offshore fishing?

With offshore anglers embracing hollowcore braid more and more, fishermen are switching to smaller, lighter, more powerful reels. The problem is that they don’t have a standup rod designed to match up with those reels. We’re talking about Shimano Talicas, Avet Raptors, Accurate Dawgs and all the other similar two-speed lever drag reels that put out a lot of drag. Yes you can pair them with any standup rod, but while you are cutting out a lot of weight by downsizing from a Tiagra to a Talica, you are still fishing with a heavy rod from a bygone era.

TZCSTH2SC_handle 637

Check out the cool carbon fiber uni-butt!

The Shimano Terez Standup Rods are constructed of TC4, which is Shimano’s proprietary carbon fiber material. You’ll find the same material in their Trevala, Terez and Tallus jigging rods. It is super strong yet light in weight. Guys have been fishing with TC4 rods for several years and they work really well. Instead of using a heavy aluminum butt, these rods feature a new custom carbon fiber short curved uni-butt that is much lighter yet just as strong. Shimano put AFTCO wind-on roller guides on these rods because of their quality and are generally accepted as awesome guides for standup fishing. The Terez Standup Rod weighs in at 32 ozs, which is 8 ozs lighter then a comparable high end Seeker rod.

TZCSTH2SC_large guide 637

Shimano Terez Standup Rods are 5’6″, come in M, H and XH, and will be released around October 1. They will be available in black, pearl white and sunset red. As with all Shimano products, these rods are not cheap. At $649.99 they are priced a bit higher than other stand up rods with AFTCO wind-on guides. Those other standup rods don’t have carbon fiber blanks and carbon fiber uni-butts on them. I don’t think the price is going to dissuade the guys this rod was intended for. Offshore fishing is not a cheap hobby. It really isn’t. If you want the best, you have to pay for the best. We’ll find out over the next year or so if this product will fail, or if Shimano has revolutionized another fishing category!

TZCSTH2SC_small guide 637

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