Update: Yeti Rambler Tumblers
By: Josh Fuld | May 18, 2014 at 10:39 pm

Yeti Rambler Tumblers have been red hot! The orders have been flooding in and we have been doing our best to fulfill them. We ordered a lot of these tumblers and due to an issue on Yeti’s end, the shipping got delayed. It wasn’t just our shipment, but every shipment of the tumblers. Last week we received a large shipment of the 20 oz tumblers. We also received a small amount of the 30 oz tumblers which went to the first customers who ordered them.

I spoke with Yeti on Friday and they told me that they were shipping us several 30 oz Rambler Tumblers on that day and that we would have them the middle of this week. With this shipment we will be able to fulfill all the orders we have received so far. If you would like to order a Yeti Rambler Tumbler, you can do so at jandh.com.

Yeti Rambler Tumblers

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