We Have A Gas Problem!
By: Josh Fuld | November 6, 2012 at 12:30 pm

Yesterday I worked from home because I did not have enough gas in my car to get to work. After responding to all of my emails and helping all the customers I could, I went out in search of gas. Due to Hurricane Sandy, finding gas in Queens (where I live) or in Long Island has been very tough. If you find a gas station that has fuel, the waits are usually hours long.

Thanks to www.gasbuddy.com/sandy I was able to find a station that only had a 40 minute wait. I ended up coming back a second time with my wife’s car  to make sure she had fuel as well.

As anglers on Long Island, this fuel shortage is the biggest problem we face. If you can’t get fuel, you’re not going to use your boat or drive all the way to Montauk for a charter. You probably will think twice about driving down to the beach to do a little surf fishing. No one wants to wait on gas lines and the less you have to do it the better.

This is my second day back in the office since we reopened and the number of customers we are seeing on a daily basis is in the single digits. To be frank, that scares us because if customers don’t come in the door then we can’t continue to operate as we have. I am hoping  that this is just a short term problem and that by Thanksgiving, every one will be stuffing themselves and getting ready to wake up early the next morning for our Black Friday Sale. Only time will tell.

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