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Bucktails are one of the most effective lures when targeting fluke, striped bass and other species! If you've never fished a bucktail before, welcome to a whole new world of fishing. Anglers have been fishing buctails from boats, beach and rocks for a very long time and the results are amazing!

A bucktail is deartail hair wrapped around a jighead. Sounds simple, but getting it right is tricky. You need to use the right amount of hair with the propper hook size. Also choosing what colors to use based on your situation is very important! John Skinner is the angler who is most responsible for changing the game when it comes to bucktails. He changed the idea of using heavy gear with bait, to using significantly lighter gear with thin braid and bucktails to catch fluke and striped bass.

At J&H we sell a wide variety of bucktails. Choose from S&S, Spro and of course John Skinner's. If you're fishing them for the first time, start with a plain white one and put a trailer on it like a Gulp or an Otter Tail/Fat Cow Jig Strip.