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Crankbaits are a hard-bodied fishing lure, used for freshwater fishing. Crankbaits you buy online here at J & H Tackle feature the manufacturers Duo Realis, Imakatsu, Megabass, Spro and Strike King. Depending on your location, you may hear crankbaits referred to as plugs, wobblers deep divers or even minnows. The names refer to the various features of the plugs – or crankbaits. As the name implies, minnows are long and slender and resemble minnows, whereas plugs or crankbaits resemble bigger fish and even frogs.

There are two types of crankbait – lipped and lipless. The action of the crankbait differs depending on whether the crankbait has a lip or not. The lip makes a crankbait dive, and delivers that wiggle that so attracts fish. This lip is also called a bib. Bill or beak, by the way. Some lures have adjustable lips, so you can vary the depth at which your lure dives.

If a crankbait doesn’t have a lip, the tow point is placed on top of the lure, at the nose or underneath. Again, this delivers a certain type of action to attract your quarry.

Crankbaits for sale at J & H are mostly lipped and they will dive to various levels from two feet even up to six feet, which makes them idea for going after bass. These crankbaits are very lifelike – at least to a fish! – and some manufacturers actually hand paint them to make them as convincing as possible.

Crankbait prices vary depending on how large they are and if they feature adjustable lips. Crankbaits are designed so that they’ll slide off any cover they may encounter, which is an essential part of any lure so they don’t get snagged.

Crankbaits that are cheap, relative to other crankbaits, are those from Strike King. The most expensive crankbaits are offered from Megabass – their Grenades cost a bit more than twenty dollars and attracts fish whether they’re being pulled through low light or conditions of turbid water.

Imakatsu crankbaits, handmade in Japan, are crankbaits you can buy online here at J & H.  In addition to the lip are two treble hooks, and these crankbaits can dive from three to five feet – just perfect for bass looking for something delicious.

Crankbaits for sale also include Duo Realis. Due Realis crankbaits will dive all the way down to 16 feet, making them the best deep-diving crankbaits ever. All crankbaits will have a low center of gravity and be balanced so they stay upright at all times, in just the right position for that striking fish.

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