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Avet Conventional Reels

Avet Conventional Reels

Avet Conventional Reels are extremely popular among many anglers, and have been so for more than a decade! Anglers across the USA choose Avet reels because of their excellent design and performance, as well as their easy maintenance.


More than ten years ago, Avet introduced the small lever drag reel designed for fishing braid, and they haven’t looked back. These aluminum reels hold up exceptionally well with their “simple design” and ageless drag system. Countless anglers have learned over the years that when the fishing conditions get rough, their Avet keeps working.


Avet Conventional Reels are available with or without magnetic cast control. We at J&H Tackle offer these Avet conventional reels:


  • Avet MXL


With great reel, smooth casting, and strong drag, Avet MXL is the perfect conventional reel for all types of fishing applications. This reel’s Magic Cast System allows you to cast freely without experiencing a backlash. Made with aluminum frames, the reel is reasonably light and is resistant to corrosion.


  • Avet SXJ


The small but mighty Avet SXJ is a feather-light reel that measures up to the rest of the company’s models. Exerting up to 20 pounds of drag, the reel allows you to fish hefty species like barracuda, sand bass, and tuna.


  • Avet Raptor LX


Designed for big-game fish, the Avet Raptor LX features a lightweight but durable drag capacity. Made from high-quality aluminum, this reel provides a light grip while maintaining strength and durability. With its rigid frame, you can focus your force directly on reeling in the fish.


  • Avet JX Raptor


The Avet JX Raptor works well for casting jigs, sardines, and yellowtails. Its light and compact reel makes it easy to grip and lessens the strain when handling large species of fish. This conventional reel also features ease of cranking, a fast retrieve speed, and dual disc drags.


  • Avet MXJ Raptor


For its lightweight size, Avet’s MXJ Raptor can handle the 40-pound test line. Its Magic Cast Control system allows the breaking of the rotating spool at high velocity without resulting in backlash. The conventional reel allows you to shift gears, making it easy to switch when doing a fast retrieve.


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