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Daiwa Rods

The manufacturer, Daiwa, excels in fishing rods for sale and their range of rods is proudly carried here at J & H Tackle. Daiwa was founded in Japan in 1955 and today is one of the largest fishing tackle companies in the world. Daiwa made its debut in the United States market in 1966, and has offices in Cypress, California.

Daiwa rods you buy online are represented in all types of angling, from spinning rods to casting rods, including boat casting rods. We also carry Dendoh rods, which are ideal for deep drop fishing. Dendoh rods are typically paired with Dendoh power-assisted reels for the ultimate deep-sea fishing experience.

Daiwa fishing rods are cheap depending on what type of rod you choose.  Deep fishing rods such as the Tanacom Dendoh Rods line are not too expensive, considering that you’ll be using them for deep drop fishing. Remember that Daiwa fishing rods prices don’t include the reel, that is an extra expense, but this allows you to mix and match your rod and reel for optimum performance.

Daiwa fishing rods for sale at J & H include surf spinning rods such as the Coastal brand. The coastal surf rods are lightweight, but strong enough to withstand the force of a striking fish, and smooth enough, with the appropriate reel, to be able to cast great distances.

Daiwa rods you buy online have no “dead spots” on the rod blank. This is essential when you want to be able to feel the fish doing the barest nibble. Daiwa fishing rods are excellent regardless of the type of line you wish to use with them. Daiwa rods prices reflect the fact that some of these rods come in two or even three pieces, depending on their length. A 9-foot surf-casting rod, for example, will typically come in two pieces.

Daiwa fishing rodscan be cheap in the grand scheme of things, when you decide what type of rod you are looking for and the type of angling you are going to do.  When looking for Daiwa fishing rods, be sure to check all of the specifications. The color of the rod is not that important, but its length is, as is it’s “power” and “action.”  You also want to be careful to buy a rod that will match the weight of line you intend to use.

Daiwa fishing rods for sale that we carry here at J & H Tackle also include boat casting rods such as the Proteus. Boat casting rods need to be versatile. That means if you want to cast live bait, you want a rod that will do that well, and if you want to jig with lures, you should be able to do that too with no problem. Daiwa boat casting rods are designed to provide this versatility.

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