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Shimano Rods

Shimano started business as a bicycle manufacturer in Japan in 1921. Shimano is famous for its bicycle gear to this day. In 1970, Shimano became a major player in fishing tackle. Today, Shimano is renowned in the world of cycling, rowing and fishing.

Shimano fishing rods you can buy online at J & H consist of over 200 offerings.  Boat casting rods, jigging casting rods, spinning rods, standup rods and more are available.

Shimano rods for sale here include a standup rod in the Terez lie. These standup rods feature either straight butts or curved butts. Shimano manufacturers its rods out of TC4 – a proprietary carbon fiber material. These standup rods are designed to be used with braided line.  Specifications for these standup rods include line rating, rod weight, type of handle, number of guides, and the reel seat type.

Shimano rods are not made of cheap materials. Jigging casting rods from Shimano, for example, are very popular, including their Trevala series. Trevala casting rods have a limited lifetime warranty. The Trevala comes in several different models, each of a different length, and of course they are all manufactured with TC4. Some models also have gimbals – check out the specifications to see which ones

Shimano fishing rods prices vary depending on the type of rod you’re thinking of purchasing. Standup rods cost more than spinning rods, for example.

Shimano fishing rods you find online at J & H include the Exage casting rods series. These are rods that are ideal for the bass fisherman or woman. These rods are designed for use in freshwater.  Be sure to check the specifications for length, power, action and line weight. Knowledge of the reel seat and material of which the foregrip and rear grips are made may also be of interest.

Shimano fishing rods for sale feature Teramar Inshore Spinning rods, too. These rods are designed specifically for the exigencies of inshore fishing, as you may have guessed. As with all Shimano rods, there are several models so it is easy to find just the right one – length, action, power and so on differ with each model.

Shimano rods prices for the Tallus Blue Water series are very competitive.  These are spinning rods designed specifically for boat fishing and salt water. In addition, braided line is recommended for these rods. Tallus rods come in stunning blue.

Shimano fishing rods cheap? Talavera spinning rods are the least expensive Shimano rods, while Terez standup rods are for a higher budget.

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