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Tsunami Rods

Tsunami fishing rods to buy online have been manufactured by Bimini Bay Outfitters for over a decade. J& H Tackle carries several of the Tsunami line, from Slimwave Spinning Rods to Sapphire Boat and Surf Spinning Rods to Trophy Jigging Spinning Rods. And more! We have over a hundred Tsunami fishing rods on offer here.

Tsunami rods for sale here at J & H definitely fit any budget, as we stock several Tsunami rods that are under fifty dollars – for the Five Star Spinning Rods, all the way up to a little over two hundred dollars for the Airwave Elite Blue Water Spinning Rods.

Tsunami fishing rods prices are designed to be attractive to the beginning angler, as well as provide quality gear for the enthusiastic weekend angler.

Tsunami fishing rods are not made of cheap materials, but inexpensive yet sturdy materials such as graphite.

Tsunami fishing rods to buy online from our comprehensive stock include the Tsunami Five Star casting rods series. The Five Star series consists of graphite rods equipped with cork grips, and are anywhere from six to six-ad a-half feet long. They are made specifically for inshore fishing. These Tusnami rods prices are a bargain.

Tsunami rods cheap? Take a look at the Sapphire XT boat casting rods. These boat casting rods are over seven feet in length, with medium power and fast action. They have a mono line rating of from 20 to 40 pounds. These rods are made of graphite and fiberglass to provide the strength and sturdiness required. When looking at these fishing rods on their product pages, be sure to take a look at the specifications. All rods are relatively light and an ounce or two may not make that much difference, unless you’re out fishing all day! The comfort of the fore grip and rear grip is also important. For these rods, for example, the grip material is shrink-wrapped vinyl.

Tsumami rods you buy online also consist of the Slimwave series of spinning rods. These rods are manufactured from a nano-carbon blank which has been measured as 30% stronger than hollow graphite rods. Their grip material is EVA. Because these Tsunami fishing rods prices are so reasonable, it’s possible to stock up on quite a few so that you’ll always have a selection to choose from, each equipped with a different reel with a different weight of line. Remember that these rods prices don’t include the reels, you purchase those, and the line, separately.

Tsunami fishing rods for sale at J & H Tackle fill practically every need for the beginning angler. Take a look at our stock today.

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