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Seigler is a US-based fishing gear manufacturer, and all its reels are manufactured in the US. The company has had to undergo a few name changes in the last few years – it started as Truth, and then Release. Seigler should be around for a good long time, because although it’s a ifferent name – they produce the same great American-made reels, and each reel has a lifetime guarantee.

J & H Tackle is proud to carry Seigler fishing reels you can buy online right here. Seigler reels you can buy online include drag reels for both the left- and right-handed.

So let’s talk Seigler fishing reels for sale at J & H Tackle. Seigler reels for sale have a range of prices depending on their purpose.Seigler reels are not manufactured from cheap materials. They are priced competitively and if you’re a fan.  

The Seigler SGN Lever Drag reels, for example, are in this mid two-hundred-dollar range. The body of the reel is made of aluminum, and the accents are either silver, red or blue. This reel is designed with braid in mind, and delivers up to 30 pounds of drag. These reels are idea for inshore or nearshore fishing, so if you’re after blackfish, bluefish, or striped bass, this is the reel that can handle them. We carry six different models of this reel.

Seigler fishing reel prices will delight the knowledgeable shopper. Take the Seigler SGN drag reels which come with either right or left hand retrieve. Same price of course. These reels have 6 bearings, a gear ratio of 6.0:1, and a line retrieve per crank of 38 inches.Seigler fishing reels you buy online include the Seigler SS Star Drag Reels. These beauties are designed for bottom fishing and trolling. The bridgeless design of the reel leaves the spool free and unencumbered. The carbon drag system delivers up to 24 pounds of drag, and the six ball bearings deliver a smoothness you will love. There are three models of these reels. They come only in a right retrieve.

Seigler reels for sale in the saltwater casting niche include the Seigler SM Star Drag Casting Reel, with a mangetic cast control that is easy to adjust and enables casts of up to 600 feet! The bridgeless design ensures that access to the spool is easy.  This reel also features a free-floating spool, an aluminum ball handle that is counter-balanced, and 7 ceramic spool bearings.

Seigler fishing reels are cheap enough for the budget-minded.  They are so well-made, and with that lifetime guarantee, you know you will be able to enjoy them for years to come.

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