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Shimano BeastMaster BM9000 Electric Reel

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The Shimano BeastMaster BM9000A Electric Reel is another Japanese import that delivers on power and performance! The heart of the BeastMaster 9000A is the GigaMax motor that delivers high torque, high speed and incredible power! It is also extremely durable and when put together with Shimano's legendary gearing, makes for a very impressive electric reel! The Shimano BeastMaster BM9000A Electric Reel has a drag system that puts out 55 lbs of stopping power at max and has a winding strength of 250 lbs! The BeastMaster BM9000A can hold 1000 yards of 100 lb braid and is perfect for deep dropping and kite fishing. The fun you will have when you hook into a swordfish or big halibut with a Shimano BeastMaster BM9000A Electric Reel!

Shimano BeastMaster BM9000A Electric Reels are blue and gold.

Models: BM9000A