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Accurate Boss Valiant Reel / Phenix Black Diamond ESW-706ML Rod KonMan Combo

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The Mark "Kidcochiese" Garry KonMan Bass Combo is the ultimate setup for catching big striped bass in the Northeast! Combining an Accurate Boss Valiant BV-300 or BV-400 with a Phenix Black Diamond East Coast ESW-706ML Casting Rod creates a combo that is lightweight, incredibly strong and most importantly, fun to fish! The Accurate Reels are considered by many to be the best in the business! They are constructed of aluminum with stainless steel internals and are significantly lighter than any other reel with similar specs. The Phenix rod is constructed of T-40 NanoTube carbon fiber mixed with Phenix's nanolite resins making it lightweight and strong. It features an EVA fore grip and a carbon fiber butt that not only reduces weight but can be removed from the rod holder quickly when a fish is on! 

Here's what Mark "Kidcochiese" Garry has to say about this combo: "I have been fishing Accurate reels for several years for a reason. First & foremost they are bulletproof. Accurate has put a ton of R&D into the BV reels, making them one of the lightest/toughest reels on the market. The 400 series is the ideal reel size for striped bass in the Northeast. I have tamed many beasts with it, and never once doubted its capability. My guests have a tendency to beat up my gear, but to this day can’t seem to kill an Accurate! 

These reels teamed up with the Phenix Black Diamond ESW-706ML are literally a piece of art! The Phenix ML (Medium Light) you would think is too light, but it’s not, it’s really ideal. When fishing live or chunked bait you want a softer tip, but massive backbone. The ML is right there. I had fished the 706MH (Medium Heavy) and in my opinion it’s a Heavy and might be too much. Go take a look at this combo yourself at J&H Tackle. Also take a look at the BV-300 with the same Phenix ML rod, which is by far my favorite combo with braid! It’s also an insane jigging combo too. On my boat I fish the BV-400s with mono when doing bass charters in structure. Go to J&H and tell them the Kid sent you!"

The Accurate Boss Valiant Reel / Phenix Black Diamond East Coast ESW-706ML Rod KonMan Combo features a 7' rod. You can choose any color Accurate reel you like to make the KonMan combo your own! Choose from 300, 400 and 400 2-speed versions. Spool it up with mono or braid. It's also perfect for cobia, snapper, grouper and yellowtail!

Models: BV-300/ESW-706ML, BV-400/ESW-706ML, BV2-400/ESW-706ML