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Accurate BX Boss Extreme Left Handed Reels

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Left handed saltwater anglers have been left out in the cold for so long but with the Accurate Left Handed BX Boss Extreme Single-Speed Reels you can get a luxury fishing reel. Accurate Reels are basically hand made in California. They are built to be the best left handed fishing reels on the market. The BX Boss Extreme feature Accurate's dual drag system that provides twice the drag with less side pressure, a best in class lever drag system, and a solid cast control system. There is not a fish in the ocean that you cannot reel in with an Accurate reel, and now left handed anglers can fish with one of the best saltwater fishing reels on the market.

Accurate Left Handed BX Boss Extreme Reels are available in several sizes. Reels are silver.

Models: BX-400 LH, BX-400X LH, BX-400XN LH, BX-500N LH, BX-400N LH, BX-500 LH, BX-500X LH, BX-600 LH, BX-600X LH, BX-500XN LH, BX-600NN LH, BX-600XNN LH, BX-600N LH, BX-600XN LH, BX-600W LH, BX-600XW LH