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Accurate Tern Star Drag Reels

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The Accurate Tern Star Drag Reel takes Accurate in a new direction. For years Accurate has focused on lever drag reels. With the introduction of the new lighter body, turning the Valiant into a star drag was a no-brainer. The Tern is constructed of aluminum and features a very large stainless steel main gear with TwinStarDrags on either side to create a lot of fish stopping power. This is the world's first TwinDrag star drag reel and it puts out 30 lbs at max. The Tern comes equipped with six stainless steel ball bearings and a great aluminum handle with ball knob. The Tern is actually a surprisingly good casting reel. You can easily launch small lures without a problem. If you love fishing star drag reels and want to be on the cutting edge, add an Accurate Tern Star Drag Reel to your arsenal! Put it on your favorite modern rod and go catch anything from small inshore species to nearshore behemoths!

Accurate Tern Star Drag Reels are available in three sizes in two different gear ratios. Choose from a 300, 400 or 500 in 6:1 and 4.7:1. All models are available in right and left handed.  gear ratio and are silver/red. Choose from right and left handed models.

Models: TX-300X, TX-300XL, TX-300, TX-300L, TX-400X, TX-400XL, TX-400, TX-400L, TX-500X, TX-500XL, TX-500, TX-500L