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Alan's Custom Lures Combat Glide Bait

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Alan's Custom Lures Combat Glide Baits are hand made in the USA by a master builder! If you like custom lures, you're going to love the Combat! It is really effective sinking bait when you are targeting striped bass from the beach or pier. The Combat is constructed of solid resin, which has advantages over wood and plastic. The resin is completly waterproof and will not change over time. It does not absorb water so it will not leak or get water logged. In the same way that you want to fish with a sealed reel, fishing with a sealed lure means less chance of failure. These lures feature sealed thru-wire construction, stainless steel Rosco split rings and VMC 4X treble  hooks. There is a custom tie flag on the back to further enhance the presentation. Alan's Custom Lures Combat Glide Baits have an epoxy finish that is durable and looks great! Add one of these great baits to your surf bag an dgo catch some big bass!

Alan's Custom Lures Combat Glide Baits are 4" in length and weigh 2 ozs. They come in bunker, pearl and yellow. Made in the USA!

Models: COMBAT