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Avet SXJ 6/4 Left Handed Lever Drag Reels

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The Avet SXJ 6/4 Left Handed 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel is an awesome little addition to the Avet lineup. It is small, compact, and has a two-speed! Every day, technology is moving anglers towards small, lightweight rod and reel combos that have a lot of power and let you fish all day without getting fatigued. The SXJ 6/4 is the perfect reel for lefty anglers looking to do just that. At just 14 oz, the SXJ makes a great pair with several of the newest inshore rods that are thin and light. It features an all metal body, spool and sideplate, lever drag system, eight ball bearings, a powerful drag system and a 2-speed mechanism. Take this on your next kayak or inshore fishing trip. Going on vacation? Take the SXJ 6/4 with you! It holds almost 300 yards of 40 lb braid so you will be able to use it in many different applications and for several species of fish. The Avet SXJ 6/4 Left Handed 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel is great for casting, bottom fishing and jigging. If you are a left handed angler, you must check it out! 

Avet SXJ 6/4 Lefty Reels are available in silver.

Models: SXJ 6/4 LH