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Berkley Nanofil

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Berkley Nanofil is an incredible Uni-Filament fishing line that is thin and strong like braid but casts further! Nanofil is constructed of hundreds of Dyneema nanofilaments that are fused together. This creates a line that is super strong while maintaining a thin diameter. The line is very smooth an casts far due to reduced friction. It also has unmatched sensitivity. Nanofil is only available in 4-17 lb test so if you are looking for a light line that has incredible strength and casts like a dream than this is it! Berkley Nanofil is the future of fishing line! 

Fish Berkley Nanofil in freshwater and saltwater! It will really up your fishing experience. Use the Unifilament Knot to tie your line to your swivel. Spools are 300 yards each and the line is Hi-Vis Chartreuse

Models: NF3004, NF3006, NF3008, NF30010, NF30012, NF30014, NF30017