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Jigging Casting Rods

Black Hole USA Charter Special Spinning Rods

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Black Hole USA Charter Special Spinning Rods give you the Black Hole quality you know and love! The Charter Special make for a great inshore/nearshore rod when jigging or bottom fishing. Use it when you are going after big blackfish, striped bass, cobia, snook, drum and any other powerful inshore species. Constructed of a carbon blank, the Charter Special is incredibly lightweight but is built for power. Not only can they handle big inshore fish, but they can also handle the weight needed when you are fishing in deep water. Black Hole USA Charter Special Spinning Rods have a custom long split rear grip that comfortably tucks under your arm while jigging. This style of butt also reduces weight meaning you can fish longer! If you're going to give the slow jigging technique a try then the 6'8" model is perfect for that. It can do double duty. 

Black Hole USA Charter Special Spinning Rods are black with blue accents. They are available in two models - a 6'8" slow jigging model and a 7'3" inshore model. Don't let the name or models throw you off. Both are perfect for inshore/nearshore fishing. Just go by lure weight. Black Hole Rods are not labeled in the same way as rods from other manufacturers so pay attention to the line wt and lure wt to make sure you get the one that fits your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you out.

Models: S-68/H3R, S-73MH