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Captain Bills Squid Fluke Rigs

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Captain Bill's Squid Fluke Rigs are perfect for catching fluke. Make sure you have a few on your boat this summer! These fluke rigs feature a soft plastic sliding squid and a sharp Addya wide gap hook. There is 36" of 30 lb mono leader with a three way swivel. Attach a sinker or fluke ball and a piece of bait and you are good to go! They are very easy to use. Let them hit bottom and jig them or let them drift across the bottom. If you love fishing for fluke, give a Captain Bill's Squid Fluke Rig a try!

Captain Bill's Squid Fluke Rig are available in six different colors. Choose from Glow, Green, Green Glow, Pink Red/White and White. They all work.

Models: R-FK0-LL