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Chasebaits Bobbin' Frog

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The Chasebaits Bobbin' Frog was introduced at ICAST 2019 to rave reviews. Constructed of super durable TPE, this frog can handle a beating! It's also super soft and easily compresses when hit by a big largemouth. There is a small hole in the body that allows air and water to escape. The Bobbin' Frog was designed to bob up and down on the top of the water like a real frog. Retrieve them and the legs move in the most realistic way possible. They are rigged weedless so fishing them around structure is not a problem. If you love throwing frogs for freshwater bass and other freshwater species you are going to love the Chasebaits Bobbin' Frog. Big fish won't be able to resist them! 

Chasebaits Bobbin' Frogs are available in two sizes. Choose from the 1 1/2" Bobbin' Frog and the 2 1/2" Big Bobbin' Frog. These topwater baits are available in black night and green leopard. Once you fish one of these you'll know why they were such a hit in Florida.

Models: BF65