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Hard Baits

Chasebaits Drunken Mullet

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Chasebaits Drunken Mullet is your next favorite freshwater lure! The Drunken Mullet features a hard plastic jointed body with a propeller on the back that generates an incredible amount of vibration and commotion on the surface of the water. These lures feature super sharp hooks and beautiful finishes. They look great on and off the water. Depending on how you retrieve it, the Chasebaits Drunken Mullet can imitate a dying baitfish or roll from side to side. If you want to catch more freshwater bass, add a Chasebaits Drunken Mullet to your arsenal and you will see the results you are looking for! These lures are designed in Australia and they are on the cutting edge of fishing technology.

Chasebaits Drunken Mullets are available in 90 and 130 size. The 90 size is 3 3/4" in length and weighs 3/4 oz. The 130 size is 5 1/10" in length and weighs 1 1/3 oz. They are available in three proven colors. Choose from Bone, Shadow and Whiz.

Models: DM90, DM130