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Chasebaits Mudbug

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Chasebaits Mudbug is an incredibly realistic crawdad weedless weighted jig head! Chasebaits is known for creating hyper-realistic stuff and the Mudbug is no exception. It features floating claws, vibrating legs and a thumping tail that will signal nearby fish to feed. When the claws float it looks like the Mudbug is in a natural defensive position and this is when predators will strike.  This soft bait produces amazing action in the water. If you fish in an area where there are crawdad or shrimp, this bait will be effective. This is clearly a match the hatch bait and if will absolutely crush! Give a Chasebaits Mudbug a try. We think you'll like the results. 

Chasebaits Mudbugs are available in two sizes. Choose from 2 3/4" weighing 1/2 oz and 3 3/4" weighing 1 oz. They are available in two great colors - Native and Rusty. All baits are rigged.

Models: MB70, MB95