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Chasebaits The Ultimate Squid Rig

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Chasebaits The Ultimate Squid Rig is designed to work with the Ultimate Squid. It is a molded lead weight with thru-wire and twin assist hooks. The way this rig is constructed ensures that the rolling hood wings on The Ultimate Squid are not interfered with and give the lure the most natural action in the water. The lure will also fall through the water at the proper angle. At the base of the weight is a blade that will cause extra commotion and flash in the water. If you are going to fish The Ultimate Squid, there is no better set up than using the Chasebaits The Ultimate Squid Rig.

Chasebaits The Ultimate Squid Rigs work with the 7.8" and 11.8" Ultimate Squid. It will not work withh the smaller version. You can also rig up live or dead baits with it. Choose from a 1, 1 1/2 oz or 3 oz version.

Models: SQR150, SQR42, SQR84