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Chasebaits The Ultimate Squid

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Chasebaits The Ultimate Squid is one of the most realistic squid baits ever created! It's an absolutely beautiful lure that is highly detailed and will help you catch more fish. The Ultimate Squid features rolling hood wings that flutter in the water so naturally, you'll swear it's alive. At the back are tentacles that contract and flutter in the water enticing nearby predators to strike! The Ultimate Squid has 3D eyes and is infused with squid scent. Fish it on a jig head or as a teaser. If there is squid in the water, fish will definitely hit the Chasebaits The Ultimate Squid!

Chasebaits The Ultimate Squids are available in 5.9", 7.8" and 11.8" models. Choose from four terrific colors - Bottle Squid, Calamari, Glow Ink and Pink Tiger. If you fish the larger model, try rigging it with The Squid Rig from Chasebaits.