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ChatterLures Crazy Chatter Chain

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New from ChatterLures is their heavy duty Crazy Chatter Chain, designed specifically with North East canyon tuna fishing in mind. This classic mini bird and machine daisy chain is crafted using only ultra-high quality components that will surpass even the most discerning captains’ expectations. Running along the 200# Momoi Hi-Catch smoke blue mainline are five 5” Hard Chatter Birds that’ll generate much turmoil in your wake. Typically run opposite one another on either side of your spread, the Crazy Chatter Chain makes for a great flatline offering, run just outside your prop wash for maximum effectiveness. The 12” machine-style stinger is attached via a 350# AFW ball bearing snap swivel, and sports a razor sharp VMC 9/0 Southern Tuna Hook for maximum hook set power. The swivel is ingeniously camouflaged by a 9” Squid Nation bulb squid (matching color of course), creating a seamless look that’ll be sure to garner attention from large gamefish looking for a meal. Connections on the Crazy Chatter Chain are secured using Diamond chafe gear and crimps (as all ChatterLures are), and the lure comes packaged in re-usable 11”X 11” packaging.

ChatterLures Crazy Chatter Chains are available in several colors. Choose from Black, Glow, Green, Lemon Lime, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, White and Zucchini.

Models: CL-CCC