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ChatterLures Joe Shute Pin Rig

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You know you need pin rigs for your next tuna trip so why not stock up on the best? ChatterLures Joe Shute Pin Rigs are made to the highest quality standards. The Joe Shute is rigged with 175 lb fluorocarbon using chafe gear and Diamond crimps. They have a pin and screw on spring and are finished off with a super sharp Owner 8/0 or 9/0 Jobu hook. These pin rigs are handmade by guys who are as passionate about offshore fishing as you are. If you're trolling for tuna, buy a bunch of ChatterLures Joe Shute Pin Rigs. We recommend pin rigging a bunch of ballyhoo before you hit the water so that when you hook up, you can quickly switch to another pin rig while the bite is still hot. Nothing worse than wasting time on the water when the fish are biting!

ChatterLures Joe Shute Pin Rigs are available in 3 oz, 5/34 oz and 8 oz versions in five terrific colors. Choose from Black/Purple, Blue/White, Candy Apple/White, Pink/White and Sandeel. Made in the USA! The Tuna Bomber are available in several colors.