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ChatterLures Shark Package

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The ChatterLures Shark Package makes shark fishing a breeze! This well made, high quality kit not only gives you all the stuff you need but creates a system that you can use and refresh. The Shark Package comes with nine bite leaders pre-rigged with #15 wire and Mustad 39960 Circle Hooks. Three are traditional, three have a rattle and three have a 12" skirt. You can choose whether you want your main leaders to be 400# XHARD Mono or 400# AFW Cable. Also choose between 18/0 and 20/0 hooks. One of the cool features is this kit comes with three main leaders that feature a 450# corkscrew that eliminates failure from a snap but also makes it super easy to re-rig your leader with a new hook. We also sell just the rigged hook so you can replenish your kit without having to re-buy the entire thing. If you love shark fishing and want to have all of your rigs in one place with a system that will make everything easier, pick up a ChatterLures Shark Package. 

ChatterLures Shark Package comes in a three pocket lure bag. The rigs are made in the USA! Skirt color varies from kit to kit.

Models: SP-MONO-18, SP-CABLE-18, SP-MONO-20, SP-CABLE-20