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ChatterLures Side Tracker Spreader Bar

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The ChatterLures Side Tracker Spreader Bar is like nothing else on the market! Featuring a multi-directional bird with an angled rudder, this bar can run out to 35' on either side of the boat without the use of an outrigger! This gives you the ability to have a really full spread! If you do use outriggers, you can get this bar to sit out even further giving you the ultimate in water coverage! ChatterLures Side Tracker Spreader Bars are constructed of a 19" military grade Titanium bar that runs through the side tracker bird. The bar is super strong and has excellent flexibility. It features a 2-3-2 + stinger design with teaser birds on both outside lines. Each teaser line is constructed of 200# Momoi smoke blue mono with one free spinning teaser bird and two floating bulb squid. The mainline features 250# Momoi smoke blue mono rigged with three floating bulb squid with a 350# AFW Ball Bearing Snap Swivel which sits inside the last teaser and lets you conveniently switch stingers. This bar comes with a 9" Machine Stinger rigged with a super sharp VMC 8709 Southern Tuna Hook. All connections are of the highest quality. They are done on a bench crimper with Diamond crimps and Diamond Chafe tube at all of the critical points. There is nothing else on the market that is as versatile as this bar or that performs as well. If you want to take your spread to the next level, add a few ChatterLures Side Tracker Spreader Bars!

ChatterLures Side Tracker Spreader Bars are available in 18" and 36" bars in all the most popular colors. Choose from 6" and 9" teaser versions om nthe 18" bar. The 36" comes equipped with 9" teasers. All stingers are 9" and are the same color as the rest of the bar. Handmade in the USA! 

Models: STB6-18, STB9-18, STB9-36