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ChatterLures The Tuna Bomber

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The evil (to your local tuna population anyway) genius behind ChatterLures has created a truly one-of-a-kind custom daisy chain designed specifically for trolling up monster Bigeye tuna! The Tuna Bomber, new from ChatterLures, blends some of the most effective methods for targeting large specimens - utilizing 3 oversized 12” bulb squids each loaded with a 10 oz. egg sinker, and paired with an 8 oz Joe Shute Stinger at the business end (removable). This hefty 38 oz. monster will run sub-surface, causing even the most skittish Bigeye to smash the Shute with incredible ferocity! As with all ChatterLures products, the Tuna Bomber is constructed using the finest equipment available on the market – Diamond chafe tubing and crimps, 200# Smoke Blue mono mainline, and 350# AFW ball-bearing swivels. The Tuna Bomber runs 5 feet long, and is best utilized as your flat line down the center of your spread. You can run two at either corner of the transom if you choose, but be ready for a mondo double header!

ChatterLures The Tuna Bomber are available in several colors.