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ChatterLures Tuna Terminator Spreader Bar

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The ChatterLures Tuna Terminator Spreader Bar will help you dominate the blue water. The Tuna Terminator is a different kind of bar that will change up your spread and give you an advantage on the water. With nine 5" free spinning chatter birds, it mimics a school of scared baitfish trying to swim away from a predator. Tuna key in on this and attack it without a second tought. The Tuna Terminator starts with a 36" military grade titanium spreader bar and is constructed with #200 Momoi smoke blue mainline and #150 Momoi smoke blue teaser lines. This five drop bar features a 9" teaser squid behind the birds. At the rear is a 12" machine stringer with a VMC 8709 Southern Tuna Hook. All connection s are done on a bench crimper using Diamond crimps and Diamond chafe tube. ChatterLures doesn't cut corners and everything is of the highest quality! If you want a different look in the water, one that is proven to drive nearby tuna crazy, add a ChatterLures Tuna Terminator Spreader Bar to your spread!

ChatterLures Tuna Terminator Spreader Bars are available in six colors. Choose from green, rainbow, white, pink, purple and zucchini. Handmade in the USA! Each bar comes with a spreader bar bag.

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