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Daiwa 2016 Saltist Spinning Reels

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Daiwa 2016 Saltist Spinning Reels have taken a huge step forward from their predecessor! These all aluminum reels have been rebuilt from the ground up and have been outfitted with Magsealed technology. The main shaft and line roller are both mag sealed. Daiwa has also put a mag sealed ball bearing into the 4500 and larger size reels along with seven CRBB corrosion resistant ball bearings. The 4000 and smaller sizes have 8 CRBB. The 2016 Saltists also have a powerful waterproof carbon drag system and excellent anti-reverse system to prevent the reel from failure when fishing in harsh saltwater environments. The result is a spinning reel that can stop angry fish and is super smooth. Add in an Air bail, digitally cut gears, an aluminum power handle and a braid ready ABS spool and the 2016 Saltist will take your fishing experience to new heights! If the Daiwa 2016 BG Spinning Reel is the best bang for your buck, the 2016 Saltist is the luxury version. It's an amazing series with inshore and nearshore/offshore models.

Daiwa 2016 Saltist Spinning Reels are available in 2500-8000 sizes. They are black and blue.