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Daiwa Back Bay Inshore Spinning Rods

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Daiwa Back Bay Inshore Spinning Rods have a lot of power! Designed for the back bays on the East Coast, these rods far exceed what is needed with regards to power. Though lightweight in design, these rods really pack some punch. It's great for anglers who are targeting a wide array of species and can find themselves fighting a monster on an inshore rod. Josh was fishing the MH in Florida and was able to land a 70 lb sailfish! That is a clear indication that if you're targeting striped bass, redfish, snook or any other similar game fish, the Back Bay will deliver the goods! These rods feature Fuji FazLite tangle-free guides, and custom cork grips that are really comfortable. The rear grips are all full so if you do not like split-grips, this is the rod for you. Overall, a Daiwa Back Bay Inshore Spinning Rod is perfect for an angler who wants a lightweight, sensitive rod but who is a bit hard on his gear and can sometimes find himself in a fight with a fish that was bigger than expected. They are really durable and will deliver a fun fishing experience! Perfect for live bait fishing or throwing lures of all types.

Daiwa Back Bay Inshore Spinning Rod are black with silver accents. They are 7'6" and are available in three models.