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Spinning Combos

Daiwa BG Inshore Spinning Combos

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Daiwa BG Inshore Spinning Combos are designed for inshore fishing. The BG reel has been a huge hit and anglers absolutely love fishing it! Daiwa has taken the BG and paired it with nice graphite composite rods to create combos that will help you catch more fish, is a great value and is affordable. One of our pet peeves with pre-mounted combos is that the rods and reels don't pair well. Either the reel is too big and the rod is too light or the reel is too small and the rod action is too heavy. With the BG combos, Daiwa has done an excellent job of matching the right reel with the right rod. The BG reel features all metal construction, an oversized zinc main gear that delivers a crazy amount of power, and a very strong carbon drag system. They are extremely smooth and a lot of fun to fish. If you are doing some inshore fishing and don't want to spend a lot, A Daiwa BG Inshore Spinning Combo is a great option! You can't go wrong with one of these combos.

BG Inshore Spinning Combo are available from 2500-4000 sizes. Rods are 7'. Black and gold.

Models: BG2500/701MML, BG3000/701M, BG4000/701MH