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Hard Baits

Daiwa Mebachi Popper Plugs

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The Daiwa Mebachi Popper brings Japanese innovation and quality to the American market! The Mebachi popper was designed for surfcasting and offshore popping. It is constructed of hard plastic with a stainless steel thru-wire. It has an aerodynamic design that willl deliver those long casts that every angler is looking for. The Mebachi Popper has an oversized concave mouth that is designed to disperse a lot of water as you pop it across the surface, attracting hungry predators. Daiwa has spared no expense by outfitting the Mebachi with VMC treble hooks, Owner Hyperwire split rings oversized 3D eyes and top of the line finishes. If you're looking for a popper to catch striped bass, tuna and other angry fish, add a Daiwa Mebachi Popper to your bag of tricks. 

Daiwa Mebachi Poppers are 6.3" in length and come in floating which weighs 2 1/2 ozs and sinking which weighs 3 ozs. Choose from seven great colors - Blue Mackerel, Green Mackerel, Bone, Yellow Pearl, Bunker, parrot and Red Head.

Models: DMBP15F, DMBP15S