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Daiwa Luvias LT Spinning Reels

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If you've never fished a Daiwa inshore reel you're going to want to try this one. The Daiwa Luvias LT Spinning Reels has all the design and internals of the luxurious Certate LT but with a lightweight yet durable Zaion body. This cut in weight reduces fatigue and allows you to fish longer. The heaviest model in this series weighs just 7.6 ozs! Daiwa Luvias LT Spinning Reels feature a Monocoque body that allows for a much larger gear relative to the size of the reel. This gives the reel extra power. Mix in ten ball bearings and a little bit of Daiwa wizardry and you've got a reel that is as smooth as any you've ever fished. The Luvias LT has a powerful ATD drag system that puts out 11-22 lbs of drag (depending on the size). The aluminum handle is ergonomic and very comfortable. If you fish inshore for a wide range of species you are going to love the Luvias LT. They can handle big inshore fish without a problem. Spool yours with J-Braid or your favorite braided line and hit the water!

Daiwa Luvias LT Spinning Reels are made in Japan and are available in five sizes. Designed for saltwater angling but can be used in freshwater as well.