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EliasVFishing Extreme Shad

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EliasVFishing Extreme Shad are the perfect bait for striped bass! Whether you are fishing from a boat, kayak or the beach, these realistic paddletails will entice hungry fish to strike! Constructed of a durable polymer, these shad will hold up to multiple strikes. They feature a natural baitfish profile and the paddletail design gives it an erratic motion in the water. Rig them with a double barbed jig head and you are good to go! These shads are designed by EliasV and have delivered countless big fish. If you're looking to add a competitive advantage to your arsenal, try a pack of EliasVFishing Extreme Shads.

Here's what Elias has to say about his shads: "The EliasVFishing Extreme Shad was designed to become my go-to soft plastic. The perfect choice in environments where bunker is the primary forage for striped bass this 5.5" bait can be worked with heavier jigheads in fast current and deep water or in shallow environments. Natural colors like Gray Mullet and Sea-Money are perfect for clear water and the standard chartreuse works best in murky conditions along with the classic white color. Trolled at around two knots or a steady retrieve with a sharp snap of the wrist periodically is recommended." 

EliasVFishing Extreme Shad are available in six colors in 5.5". Choose from Bubble Gum, Ghost Shad, Googan Green, Ice White, Night ops and Sea Money. They come four to a pack. Works great on striped bass, bluefish, redfish and more!

Models: EVF-ES