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EliasVFishing Extreme Peanut Shad

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EliasVFishing Extreme Peanut Shad are designed to catch big fish! These paddletail style baits imitate the profile of a peanut bunker and striped bass, weakfish and bluefish can't resist biting them! They are constructed of a durable soft plastic and have a very natural movement in the water. EliasV has caught numerous big fish on these baits! If you're targeting peanut bunker schools, crack open a pack of EliasVFishing Extreme Peanut Shad and you will catch more fish!

Here's what Elias has to say about his shads: "The 5" peanut shad was designed to be a more tactical approach to fishing the shallower back waters. More appropriately paired with jigheads from 1/4 oz to 3/4 oz, this bait works best when species like weakfish and school striped bass are feeding on smaller peanut bunker. Fast retrieves with a strong wrist snap trigger strikes consistently. Also deadly on speckled trout, jacks, and northern pike.

EliasVFishing Extreme Peanut Shad are available in Sparkling Bunker and Juvi Weakfish in 5". They come four to a pack.

Models: EVF-EPS