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EliasVFishing Extreme Whiptail Shad

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EliasVFishing Extreme Whiptail Shad are designed for targeting big fluke, seabass and weakfish from a boat or kayak. These durable soft plastic baits have a stickbait profile and feature 3D eyes. The whiptail design causes erratic movement in the water and hungry nearby fish to strike! Rig them with a double barbed jig head and you are good to go! These shads are designed by EliasV and have caught numerous big fish. If you're looking for a new bait to help you catch big fish, or maybe you just want to one-up your friends, try a pack of EliasVFishing Extreme Whiptail Shads.

Here's what Elias has to say about his shads: "My choice for light tackle vertical jigging. A new take on a classic bait. The 6" whiptails tail has un-beatable action with just the lightest twitches. Fluke, black sea bass, and weakfish all pile on this bait when deep jigging. Add a small strip of fresh blue for scent onto your hook shank and the trophy fluke cannot resist this bait!

EliasVFishing Extreme Whiptail Shad are available in Chartreuse, Ice White and Magic Pink in 6". They come four to a pack.

Models: EVF-EWS