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EliasVFishing Mackinaw Shad With Jig Head

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EliasVFishing Mackinaw Shad With Jig Head are made for fishing a small profile bait in deeper water. The Mackinaw Shad does a great job of imitating a peanut bunker or other small baitfish. With the included 1.3 oz jig head you can get that soft plastic bait into deeper water where big red fish, striped bass, weakfish and other fish are waiting to feed. Perfect for fishing in current and rough water as well. The jig head features a strong, sharp Mustad hook and a wire bait keeper. The baits are shaped to perfectly fit this jig head. EliasV is one of the most cerebral anglers out there and if you want to catch as many fish as he does, add a pack of Mackinaw Shad to your arsenal!

Here's what EliasV has to say about his shads: "The Mackinaw Shad is the perfect solution to jigging a small profile with a heavier weight. The shad body is only a 3.5" long accompanied with a custom mold jig head to get down deep fast. A perfect solution for elusive/fickle fish like lake trout and weakfish, seabass, and other deep dwelling predators that want a small presentation. For lake trout; drop these shads into depths of 50 to 80 feet and incorporate a straight and fast retrieve back to the boat or kayak. To jig these for weakfish or sea bass, drop the jig to the bottom and slowly lift off the bottom following the shad back to the bottom. An extra eyelet to attach a spinner blade for lakers or a #4 VMC treble hook for the meat hunters. Comes with a high quality mustad hook. "

EliasVFishing Mackinaw Shad With Jig Head come five baits to a pack with one jig head. The jig head is painted to match the baits. Choose from Bubble Gum and Juicy White. Both colors are really effective!

Models: EVF-MS