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Eurojett Custom Wooden Jointed Pikie Plugs

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Eurojett Custom Wooden Jointed Pikie Plugs will blow a surfcaster's mind! These gorgeous plugs are hand-made in California by a true master builder. Eurojett does not use a duplicator so each lure is totally unique! The Jointed Pikie is a metal lip swimmer with a separation in the body that creates amazing movement in the water that is even better than what you would find when fishing the single body version. The tight wobble just under the surface of the water entices fish to strike! This "tight v" presentation imitates a wounded baitfish that's stuck on the surface and can't swim down. Constructed of Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Eurojett Custom Wooden Jointed Pikie Plugs are very effective when fishing open beaches. They don't cast as far as the single body version, but they more than make up for it in motion in the water. Pull this plug out of your bag when you are targeting trophy striped bass! Big cows love them! Like all Eurojett plugs, these jointed lures have beautiful finishes and 3D eyes. The quality is out of this world! Add one to your collection. You won't be disappointed!

Eurojett Custom Wooden Jointed Pikie Plugs are available in one size. They weigh roughly 4 ozs. Remember that each plug is unique so weights will vary. We carry these great plugs in blue, white, and yellow. Made in the USA!