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Eurojett Custom Wooden Pikie Plugs

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Eurojett Custom Wooden Pikie Plugs are your next obsession! These beautiful plugs are hand-made in California by a master builder. Eurojett does not use a duplicator so each lure is unique! The Pikie is a metal lip swimmer that produces a tight wobble just under the surface of the water. This "tight v" presentation imitates a wounded baitfish that's stuck on the surface and can't swim down. Constructed of Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Eurojett Custom Wooden Pikie Plugs are perfect when fishing open beaches. You can cast these plugs a good distance and once they start swimming, nearby fish will strike! Both the 6" and 7" models are topwater plugs but with a fast retrieve, the 7" will swim subsurface. The finishes on these plugs are gorgeous and you might want to put one on display, but we prefer that you fish them! 

Eurojett Custom Wooden Pikie Plugs are available 6" and 7" models. The 6" weighs roughly 3 ozs and the 7" 3.5-3.9 oz. Remember that each lure is unique so weights will vary. We carry these great plugs in blue, white, and yellow. Made in the USA!

Models: 6" Pikie, 7" Pikie