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Eurojett Custom Wooden Thresher Pikie Plugs

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Eurojett Custom Wooden Thresher Pikie Plugs take an already great lure to the next level. These gorgeous plugs are hand-made in California by a guy who really knows what he is doing. Eurojett does not use a duplicator so every lure is unique! The 7" Thresher Pikie is a metal lip swimmer with a tail like a thresher shark. It not only looks good but performs really well in the water. At 3.5 ozs or so, you're going to get a lot of distance with this plug. Eurojett Custom Wooden Thresher Pikie Plugs are constructed of Alaskan Yellow Cedar, which is the best wood you can use for building fishing plugs. The finishes on these plugs are stunning and you might want to put one on your desk at work, but we recommend you target some striped bass with them. There is a sharp VMC treble on the front and a single inline on the back. Buy a Eurojett Custom Wooden Thresher Pikie Plug and take your surfcasting to the next level!

Eurojett Custom Wooden Thresher Pikie Plugs are 7" in length. We carry these terrific plugs in eleven colors, but supplies are limited. Choose from Aqua, Black/Yellow, Blurple, Bunker, Parrot, Red Head, White/Chartreuse, White/Chartreuse head, Wonderbread, Yellow/Gold Head and Yellow/Orange Head. Made in the USA!

Models: TP7