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Evergreen SS Softshell Frogs

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Evergreen SS Softshell Frogs make the perfect addition to any angler who loves froggin'. This high performance frog features the same mouth as on the Evergreen Shower Blows Topwater Plugs that throws off a lot of water and causes a great commotion on the surface. It has a fast kick-slap action as it swims across the water's surface. The body is extremely soft and collapses easily when struck, leading to more hooks ups. Evergreen created indents on the sides of the body where the hooks hide so it reduces the instances when the hooks get caught up in the body and you miss fish. The rabbit tail on the back moves naturally in the water and will entice hungry bass to strike the lure. If you're looking to buy a new frog, you can't go wrong with an Evergreen SS Softshell Frog. They've addressed a lot of the issues that other frogs have in an effort to ensure that you have the best chance to hook up and bring fish to the boat!

Evergreen SS Softshell Frogs are 3" in length and weigh 11/16 oz. They are available in six great colors - Champion Shad, Cool Brown, MoDo-Chart, Pink, Secret Gill and Skeleton Chart. 

Models: SS-77