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Fin-Nor Lethal Star Drag Reels

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The Fin-Nor Lethal Star Drag Reels are built to handle big saltwater fish. Use the Lethal Star Drag while bottom fishing, trolling or live bait fishing. The Lethal is over built like all Fin-Nor reels. It is constructed of aluminum and features six double shielded ball bearings, an oversized clutch and a powerful MegaDrag system that puts out 25 lbs of fish stopping power at max! The reel casts well with its super-tuned spool with hybrid ceramic ball bearings on either side. The handle is oversized with a very comfortable knob. There is a loud clicker on the side and the star drag is made of aluminum. Fin-Nor has also coated the Lethal with its proprietary MegaShield multi-layer corrosion protection. Whether you're fishing for striped bass, blackfish, snapper, or even tuna, the Fin-Nor Lethal Star Drag Reel will get the job done!

Fin-Nor Lethal Star Drag Reels are gun metal with black and gold accents. They are available in several sizes.

Models: LTC16, LTC20, LTC30