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Gear-Up Surfcasting 2-Tube Mini Surf Bags

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The Gear-Up 2-Tube Mini Surf Bag is the compact bag you've been looking for. If you love fishing smaller lures like SP Minnows, small Dark Matter Pencil Poppers and small Super Strike Little Neck Poppers, this is the indestructible surf bag you've been looking for! Gear-Up shaved 2 3/8" off of their popular 2-Tube bag and that means smaller lures fit perfectly without falling all the way to the bottom and creating a complete mess, especially for surfcasters who fish at night. Like everything from Gear-Up, the 2-Tube Mini is made of two layers of dacron sailcloth that is tough as nails! The military industry Velcro that seals the bag is fantastic! Inside there are two plastic inserts and four slots for bucktails and tins. Twelve grommets on the bottom of the Gear-Up 2-Tube Mini Surf Bag delivers the drainage you need! On the outside of the bag you'll find 2" belt loops and a high quality removable shoulder strap. If you are looking for a killer surf bag to accommodate your smaller plug arsenal, the Gear-Up 2-Tube Mini Surf Bag is the way to go!

Gear-Up 2-Tube Mini Surf Bags are available in black and white. They are proudly made in the USA!

Models: G-UP-2TB-M