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Gear-Up Surfcasting 2-Tube Surf Bag With Front Pouch

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The Gear-Up 2-Tube Surf Bag With Front Pouch makes an already great surf bag better! Not only are you getting a lot of storage in the main compartment for plugs but you now have an extra pouch on the front that can hold a lot more stuff! Made in the USA, these bags are constructed of two layers of dacron sailcloth and will last a lifetime! The 4" military grade Velcro that seals the bag is the best in the class. The inside of the bag features two tube inserts that measure 8.5" H x 3" W. There are ten stainless steel grommets on the bottom of the main bag and two additional on the front pouch for excellent drainage. On the outside of the bag are two oversized stainless steel d-rings, 2" belt loops and a removable shoulder strap. Whether you wear your Gear-Up 2-Tube Surf Bag With Front Pouch over your shoulder or on your belt, you'll be fishing with a top of the line bag that will take your fishing to the next level!

Gear-Up 2-Tube Surf Bag With Front Pouch are available in black and white. This version is slightly narrower than the original 2-tube bag without the front pouch.

Models: G-UP-2-TB-FRT-PCH