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Gear-Up Surfcasting 2-Tube Surf Bags

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The Gear-Up 2-Tube Surf Bag is perfect for surfcasters looking to fish with a small amount of gear. These bags are constructed of two layers of dacron sailcloth and are basically indestructible! The 6" military industry Velcro that seals the bag is the best in the class! The inside of the bag features four slots for bucktails and tins, and two tube inserts that measure 8.5" H x 3" W. Twelve grommets on the bottom of the Gear-Up 2-Tube Surf Bag gives you excellent drainage! On the outside of the bag there is a pork rind holder, stainless steel d-rings, 2" belt looks and a removable shoulder strap. If you are looking for a top of the line surf bag that is lightweight yet can take a tremendous amount of abuse, then get yourself a Gear-Up 2-Tube Surf Bag!

Gear-Up 2-Tube Surf Bags are available in black and white.

Models: G-UP-2-TB


Type - Surf Bag

Size - 7" L x 4" W x 9 1/4" H

Color - Black