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Gear-Up Surfcasting 3-Tube Surf Bags

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The Gear-Up 3-Tube Surf Bag is a rugged and versatile surf bag! Constructed of two layers of double stitched heavy-duty dacron sailcloth, they can take a beating! These bags are packed with all the necessary features including a 6" military industry Velcro closure that seals the bag tight, inside flaps to prevent your gear from coming out when you get hit by a wave, thirteen grommets for excellent drainage, and three tube inserts that will hold a lot of plugs! On the inside there are six inner slots for bucktails and tins as well as a storage pocket that you can fill with leaders and other gear. Gear-Up 3-Tube Surf Bags are also equipped with a pork rind holder, a bottle holder that will hold a 16.9 oz bottle of your beverage of choice and two inch belt loops. There are also stainless steel d-rings that you can use to attach accessories to or to use as a lock so the bag stays where you want it while you are fishing. This really is the ultimate surf bag. If you are a serious surfcaster then you need to get a Gear-Up 3-Tube Surf Bag. It will last you a long time!

Gear-Up 3-Tube Surf Bags are available in black and white.

Models: G-UP-3-TB