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Gear-Up Surfcasting 4-Tube Surf Bags

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The Gear-Up 4-Tube Surf Bag is a top of the line surf bag for the surfcaster who likes to carry a lot of gear! With four 3" wide tubes, you'll be able to keep a lot of plugs right by your side! One of the main reasons to buy this surf bag is that it is constructed of two layers of double stitched heavy-duty dacron sailcloth that is basically indestructible! It is rugged and will last over 20 years! Gear-Up has packed this bag with features for the ultimate surf fishing experience! On the outside you find a 6" military industry Velcro closure, stainless steel d-rings, a pork rind holder, a bottle holder that accommodates a 16.9 oz container, a removable shoulder strap, 2" belt loops and nineteen grommets for amazing drainage! On the inside are flaps to prevent your gear from coming out when you get hit by a wave, six inner slots for bucktails and tins as well as a great storage pocket that you can fill with leaders and other fishing gear. This really is an awesome surf bag. If you love surfcasting and want the best bag on the planet then the Gear-Up 4-Tube Surf Bag. It holds a tremendous amount of fishing gear and it will last you a very long time!

Gear-Up 4-Tube Surf Bags are available in black and white.

Models: G-UP-4-TB